A Tasting to Remember!

Friday, August 21, 2009

It was with purple palates and blackish teeth that our mammoth bi-ennial Back Vintage tasting drew to a close recently. The Back Vintage program is an incredibly important part of what we do here at Campbells, and it is this tasting, held every two years, that drives our release plans and of course the order in which we release wines to our Cellar Club packs.

We taste and assess every white, red and fortified wine that has been produced at Campbells over the past two decades, excluding only those wines not made for long term ageing. Whilst it sounds like a nice way to spend a few days (and believe me it is!) it also requires an incredible amount of concentration, and at the end of the three day tasting all participants are well and truly drained. It’s a fascinating exercise to trace each wine over ten and sometimes twenty vintages and see how our estate grown, single vineyard wines can change from year to year.

The usual suspects in Bobbie Burns Shiraz and The Barkly Durif rated strongly as expected, but it was often the lesser lights such as our Riesling and Limited Release Malbec that provided the real surprises of the tasting. Cellar Club members can look forward to their updated Back Vintage guide later in the year with new tasting notes, cellaring recommendations and advice.


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