Campbells is a proud member of Australia's First Families of Wine

Monday, June 28, 2010

Twelve of the most celebrated family names in Australian wine have come together to form a global marketing initiative - Australia’s First Families of Wine.

The collective 12 represent Australian regions across four states, together they own more than 5,500 hectares of Australia’s finest vineyards and have over 1200 years of winemaking experience under their belts. The inaugural members of the AFFW are:

As 12 of the nation’s most famous names in wine, the AFFW will work to engage consumers, retailers, restaurateurs and industry members across the globe about the real character and characters of Australian wine.

According to the Chairman of the group, Alister Purbrick,
“While as family winemakers we all value our independence, we do share a common vision – that Australian wine can take on the world’s best and win,” Purbrick said.

“There have been stories on the subject of Australian wine quality that we all believe, to put it bluntly, are complete rubbish.”

Purbrick and his colleagues have been working behind the scenes on the creation of the AFFW for more than three years – the meeting where the idea of the group was first mooted was held in July 2006 before Wine Australia in Sydney.

“Although the Australian wine industry has achieved great success over many years and continues to dominate the UK wine market as the number one wine importer, the AFFW recognises the need for Australian wine to continually evolve and keep ahead of our competitors.

“The wine industry’s exports to the UK and US are declining in overall value and price per litre. Competing purely on price is not sustainable and is not a long-term competitive advantage. The AFFW will showcase the passion, quality and character of our wine brands that can compete against the world’s best and win!”

Paul Henry, General Manager Market Development of the Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation, believes the initiative is positive for the wineries involved and for Australian wine in general.

“The future must belong to those companies that can tell a compelling and authentic story which can only be described as uniquely Australian. The AFFW initiative exemplifies this philosophy and can play a role in the next chapter of our international and domestic success,” Henry said

The AFFW will pursue their individual business goals with the shared purpose of being a part of a strong collective. The group will gather together on occasions throughout the world to show the spirit of Australian winemaking is alive and well, indeed thriving as never before. Each winery represents a special place in the Australian wine echelon and makes a range of wines of character and personality – whether they be great value varietals or single vineyard icons.

Equally each family understands its responsibility to defend and promote Australia’s pre-eminent place in the world of wine and their own custodianship of some of Australian wine’s “sacred sites”. James Halliday, Australia’s leading wine authority said of the new group: “The challenges for Australia are clear enough. What Australia’s First Families of Wine can and will do is turn words into actions, ambitions into concrete results.”
The AFFW logo will adorn selected bottles of each winery’s best known wines and the group launched into the European market in May 2010.

“As pioneers of fine wine in the Rutherglen region, we at Campbells have a deep rooted commitment to the Australian Wine Industry and are pleased to join the other members of Australia's First Families of Wine to take the message of the heart and soul of Australian wine to the world.”


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