In the swing of vintage!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Vintage is now in full swing here in Rutherglen, with tractors and trailers full of grapes working a familiar route between vineyard and winery. Rain has been and continues to be a factor, but thankfully Rutherglen’s characteristically warm and mild Autumn days are beginning to win the battle! Most grapes are coming in at a lower baume (measurement of natural grape sugars within the grape) than we would normally expect, but the cool summer has meant for a slow ripening period resulting in good varietal flavours within the grapes. The winemakers are certainly confident that they have something to work with, and will make some special wines from vintage 2011.

Normally we would only harvest in the cool of night to preserve the delicate fruit flavours of the grapes, but the milder weather this vintage has allowed us to work through the day – a bonus for the vineyard team! This also means that visitors to Cellar Door will see a little more action in and around the winery than might normally be the case. For those interested in discovering where the winemaking journey begins, we normally have a bottle of just fermented juice available for tasting throughout vintage.


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