Introducing Topaque flavour ice-cream! The perfect winter treat.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Australia's most luscious wine meets Australia's most delicious ice-cream!

Campbells Wines have partnered with Melbourne's legendary Jock's Ice-cream to craft a very adult dessert, ‘Topaque Ice Cream’.

Colin was in Melbourne on June 19 to launch the delicious product. Hear all about it on 3AW or read the details below!

Many people passionate about rich topaque (formerly known as tokay) know that it is a perfect match with desserts and can be a delicious treat simply poured over ice cream. Now Jock’s special edition ‘Topaque Ice Cream’ is available in store from 19 June for a limited time until the end of August 2012.

The ice cream has a rich topaque ripple running throughout with the crunch of topaque praline adding another textural layer.

The partnership between wine producers and artisanal Jock’s Ice Cream was established to showcase the food and fortified wine combination, and bring the flavour of topaque to a new adult audience.

Topaque is a rich, luscious fortified wine, meaning it has spirit added after the fermentation period. It is one of Australia’s oldest and most unique wines with wineries producing it around the country. Jock’s Ice Cream Owner, Jock Main, said working with such a premium Australian product made this a very exciting project. “We haven’t worked with topaque before at Jock’s so it is always great to make a new flavour – we can’t wait to hear what our customers think of it,” Jock said.

“Topaque is also something to look forward to enjoying with, or without, ice cream during the Melbourne winter!”

Jock’s Topaque Ice Cream is only available in store at Jock’s Ice Cream & Sorbet, 83 Victoria Street, Albert Park, Victoria, 03 9686 3838.

To enjoy Campbells Topaque please visit our online store.

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