Isabel Rose Campbell - a full and rewarding life

Thursday, December 16, 2010

On Thursday 9th December we farewelled our Mum who passed away peacefully at 91 years.

Isabel Rose Campbell alias Mum, Nana, Grand Nan and Mrs C gave so much to her family, business and community.

Isabel knew about hard work as she helped on the family farm during the war years with her only brother away fighting in the war.

Then as a young married couple Isabel and third generation winemaker Allen Campbell had to cope with the debt of the depression. As all the farmers did at this time, they worked hard diversifying into chooks, pigs, cows, sheep and crops as well as the grapes, to keep the debts at bay.

Isabel also did all the bookwork and was Allen’s right hand support.

They started selling wine in kegs at the Vic Market and saw the opportunity in Myrtleford of selling to the Italian community. This developed into a significant market for them.

These activities enabled them to develop the business and purchase more land.

When Malcolm and Colin returned home with youthful energy and so many ideas, it was a time of opportunity in the wine industry.

Sadly Allen did not see the expansion finished as he died in 1974 at the age of 60. Through the ensuing years Isabel was a great support and mentor to her sons. She continued to come to the winery twice a day until well into her 80s.

In the mornings 5 days a week she would be there to open and sort the mail and then take the previous day’s takings to the bank catching up with so many of the other business people as they did their daily banking.

Ever reliable, Isabel would come back to the winery at the close of business, 7 days a week, and count the takings. Not one to purely use the adding machine, she would add the key figures manually to check the calculator and to keep her mind active.

Her time spent in the office allowed her to keep in touch with all of the staff and she endeared herself to so many.

Her grace was to be admired and she treated everyone the same.

Isabel, we salute you for your work ethic and for being the lady that you were and the example that you set to all. You will always have a special place in the history of Campbells.


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