Meet the Maker and Three!

Monday, September 14, 2015

These wines are a ‘blend’ of the fourth and fifth generation of the Campbells, winemaker Colin and his three daughters, Jane, Susie and Jules. Jules hands on with the winemaking, Jane researching at cellar door, Susie the design and bringing it all to fruition and Col giving the final tick of approval.

They wanted to make a white and a red for everyday yet with an edge!

It’s exciting times at Campbells as Col’s daughters, the fifth generation are now all actively involved in the family business and planning for the future. The girls feel fortunate to have Colin by their side to mentor them through the transition. They acknowledge they have big boots to fill and they have stepped up and are taking strides! 

During this transition time many a conversation is had over a casual glass of wine. Ideas are explored, opportunities identified and laughter had, as stories are recounted. When the Maker and Three come together casually these are their go – to wines! 

Like the “Maker and Three” these wines are a blend. There’s something special about a blend... It delivers from beginning to end, illustrating the whole is greater than it’s individual parts.   

The beauty of blends is they can change year on year. The style will always remain the same however the winemaking team may choose to alter the varietal mix depending on what each vintage brings.  



Trebbiano is the major component with aromatics from riesling and a little viognier, sauvignon blanc and muscat. The chardonnay, viognier and semillon add texture and riesling enhances the acidity and provides a crisp finish. 

We chose trebbiano to be the major component of the blend for a number of reasons. A late ripening variety, it is well suited to Rutherglen, thriving in our long, dry autumn days and cool nights.  Plus we have many years of experience growing trebbiano with the majority of our vines aged over 40 years.  

The most widely grown grape in Italy, trebbiano is typically Italian in style which is appealing in this day and age where pinot grigio is all the rage! It’s similar to pinot grigio however offers more flavor and texture. It is also an alternative to sauvignon blanc, being  clean and crisp with the added bonus of savoury and textural notes making it food friendly and moorish! 

A great feature of the Maker and Three white is its versatility - to be enjoyed with or without food, anytime, any day and preferably in good company! When it comes to food Jane’s favourite matches are salt and pepper calamari and smoked salmon rillettes, Susie enjoys this wine mid week with seared yellow fin tuna nicoise or fish tacos with lime aioli, and Jules serves this wines with a mezze plate or zucchini fritters with mint, pea and buffalo mozzarella. Col enjoys all of the above!

The Maker and Three white was made with drinking pleasure in mind. It’s fresh, crisp and delicious!

Please click here to view the tasting note. 



Featuring the hallmark reds of Rutherglen, coming together seamlessly to deliver a wine bursting with vibrant fruit flavour and finishing with fine grained tannins.

Shiraz is the major component in the blend of course, because we all love shiraz! It provides ripe red berry fruit flavours and hints of white pepper. The durif and tempranillo give layers to the wine with the Tempranillo adding a touch of finesse. A splash of ruby cabernet provides depth of colour and aromatic notes of violets, plums and blackberry.

It is an ideal food wine given its versatility. For grazing we suggest a platter laden with charcuterie, vintage cheddar and olive bread. For something more substantial try char grilled beef kebabs, lamb koftas with tzatziki or porcini mushroom risotto with truffle oil. Or keep it simple with classics such as spaghetti Bolognese or a chicken parmigiana!

The Maker and Three red was made with drinking pleasure in mind. It’s a wine to be enjoyed anytime, any day, making everyday moments special.

Please click here to view the tasting note.


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