Susie Campbell & the AFFW 'Next Genners'

Friday, April 08, 2011

Once upon a time, the most celebrated families in Australian wine came together to form Australia’s First Families of Wine. Today, SA will meet the new kids in town - the 'Next Genners' have arrived!

Susie Campbell has been spotted gallivanting around South Australia with the Australia’s First Families of Wine 'Next Genners' group!

The inaugural Next Gen trip to South Australia is a really important one, with the value of visiting each members winery not to be underestimated. It’s not all sheep stations though, AFFW & the Next Genners are going to have a little fun over the next few days and are keen to get people involved via social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

The AFFW Next Gen travellers are... Tom Barry, Olivia Barry, Katherine Brown, Emma Brown, Caroline Brown, Natalie Burch, Richard Burch, our very own Susie Campbell, Justine Henschke, Andreas Henschke, Jessica Hill Smith, Lucy Hill Smith, Karen McWilliam, Scott McWilliam, Clinton Taylor, Justine Taylor, Chris Tyrrell & Jane Tyrrell.

Suse and the Next Gens have a full-on itinerary ahead of them over the next 3 days, but we have no doubt that the Next Genners group are accustomed to such strenuous conditions, tasting wine all day is no walk in the park!

We will be posting information on the Campbells Wines Facebook page as it comes to hand, and I’m certain that AFFW and other member wineries will do the same. There is also a hash tag on Twitter #AFFWine #NextGen

So get online and get involved! Facebook and Twitter


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