Campbells Milestones 1857 to 1948

Campbells Milestones
1857 to 1948
1952 to 1999
2000 to present day

John Campbell sails for Australia from St Andrews, Scotland on the "Merchant Prince" - later to become the name for the family's most prestigious Muscat.

John arrives at Rutherglen to dig for gold - eventually finding himself on the rich Bobbie Burns lead to the west of the township.

John selects 79 acres of land adjoining the Bobbie Burns lead, and plants a small area of vines.

Campbells Wines is established - with John Campbells first vintage.

The Bobbie Burns Homestead is built to replace John's first timber slab and shingle roof home, erected in 1869. The Homestead still stands beside the winery.
The first cellar is built - a 45 feet by 25 feet timber beamed structure.
The Bobbie Burns Vineyard of Shiraz, Pedro Ximenez, Malbec, Riesling and Brown Muscat has grown to 38 acres - a small part of Rutherglen's 3273 acres of vines.
Phylloxera is now evident in the Rutherglen vineyards.

Campbells win their first prize for wine.

Campbells win the top prize for 2 year old dry red at Rutherglen, and the Prize for "Best Riesling, sweet and full bodied, 2 years and over".

Phylloxera, a root sucking aphid, is confirmed in the Bobbie Burns Vineyard - beginning a slow decline in its production.

John Campbell dies - leaving the vineyard of 87 acres in serious decline. His son David and David's wife Isabella (the namesake of the family's most famous Rutherglen Tokay), take over - beginning a 20 year task of replanting 45 acres of the Bobbie Burns Vineyard with American phylloxera resistant rootstocks and the rebuilding of the wine stocks. The cellar capacity is 11,750 gallons (52,000 litres).

Tragedy strikes when David Campbell’s eyesight fails. His 15 year old son Allen is called in to assist, in the midst of the Depression. Sheep are introduced to generate income at a time of negligible wine sales.

David Campbell dies at the age of 58 - leaving the heavily mortgaged Bobbie Burns vineyard in the hands of 18 year old Allen, who is determined to hold on in the face of an uncertain future, with 3,350 gallons(15,000 litres) of "valueless wine" in the winery.

Allen marries Isabel Diffey (today's Mrs Campbell Snr) and together they diversify the business in an effort to save the property. They sell small lots of wine to private customers for 'rail delivery'.

A steady programme of expansion begins with 39 acres nearby purchased including 10 acres of vines.

A further 24 acres adjacent to the Bobbie Burns Vineyard are purchased from local vigneron, John Stanton.


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