Our Fortifieds

Since the first grapes were harvested in the 1850s, Rutherglen has been recognised for producing fortified wines of unique quality and unsurpassed richness. The Muscats and Topaques of Rutherglen are a unique combination of the climate, grape variety, soils and the skills of the winemaker. The region continues to receive international acclaim for the ‘world’s richest wines’ from wine writers, merchants and consumers alike.

Campbells is one of Rutherglen’s original fortified producers and has developed a house style that is complex and elegant, capturing a rich purity of fruit flavours while finishing clean and dry. Campbells has extensive Muscat and Topaque soleras to draw from and the art of making, blending and maturing these wines has been passed down to succeeding generations since Campbells was established in 1870.

The jewels in Campbells’ crown are the renowned Merchant Prince Rare Rutherglen Muscat and Isabella Rare Rutherglen Topaque. The ultimate recognition for Campbells’ fortified winemaking expertise was the perfect score of 100/100 awarded to the Merchant Prince by wine columnist Harvey Steiman of the internationally-respected Wine Spectator magazine. This was the first wine in Australia’s history to be awarded a perfect score by Steiman.

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