Campbells Whites

Whilst Rutherglen is famed for producing the world's richest fortified wines and flavoursome long-lived reds, it can be easy to overlook the fact that the region also produces high quality white wines.

We have been growing Riesling in our vineyards since the 1890’s and in that time have developed our own regional style, with abundant fruit flavours and wonderful balance.
Created by Col and his daughters Jane, Susie and Jules this wine is an intriguing blend of the favourite whites of Rutherglen. When the Maker and Three come together casually this is their ‘go to’ white wine!
My favoured style where the fruit is dominant, displaying the pure flavours we can achieve with chardonnay fruit in the Rutherglen area.
Our Chardonnay was first introduced in 1997. Over the years we have developed a style where the fruit flavour is pronounced and at the same time delivering a medium textured wine with balanced acidity to match.
Roussanne is a late ripening Rhone variety that produces elegant, delicately scented, wines, with texture and depth of fruit flavour a feature.
Our Rutherglen Semillon is at its best when picked, with characteristic grassy characters which, when balanced with American oak maturation, enable early enjoyment as well as rewarding cellaring.
Fiano is an ancient grape variety grown most commonly in Sicily and Campania. The growing conditions in these regions are closely aligned to Rutherglen, with warm days, moderate evenings and extended autumns. The wine typically has an int...
Rutherglen is renowned for producing flavoursome wines from varietals originating from the Rhone Valley in France. Viognier provides intense stone fruit flavours and Marsanne the crisp acidity. This wine is a fine example of a classic Rho...
Our aim with this wine is to capture the incredible aromatics and pristine fruit flavours for which the variety is renowned.
This appealing wine shows the versatility of our famous Rutherglen Muscat grapes.

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