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Monday – Saturday 10am – 5pm
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Closed Good Friday & Christmas Day. Private tasting & bus group by appointment.

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Pan Seared Kangaroo with Rutherglen Durif

Winter calls for hearty recipes to warm the soul – that’s why we love this Pan Seared Kangaroo dish served with roast vegetables – best paired with our Rutherglen Durif  Limited Release.


• 600g Kangaroo saddle or fillets,
• Olive oil
• Pepper

• Rutherglen Durif
• Juniper
• 1 Clove Garlic

• 1/3 cup Verjuice
• ¼ cup light olive oil
• 1 tab walnut oil
• 1 tab Dijon mustard
• Salt and pepper to taste

• Carrot
• Potato
• Corn



Step 1) Prepare the kangaroo by marinating for 1 hour in Durif marinade prior to cooking. After marinating, pat dry the kangaroo medallions and coat with oil and pepper.

Step 2) Prepare your vegetables by peeling your potatoes and carrots. Slice your corn into rounds. Season your vegetables with pepper, salt and oil. Place your potatoes and carrots into a roasting tray and roast on 180 degrees for 40 minutes. Place your corn in boiling water and cook until tender.

Step 3) Whisk all the ingredients of your dressing until they combine.

Step 4) Once your vegetables are almost done, it’s time to cook the kangaroo. Seal the meat quickly in a hot, heavy based pan (about 45seconds per side). Transfer to a hot grill and cook for about 2 minutes per side. Cover with foil and rest for 5 minutes. Just before serving, slice thickly.

Step 5) To assemble the dish, place some of the roasted vegetables and corn around the plate. Place the kangaroo slices on the plate and drizzle the dressing over the entire dish. Finally, pour a glass of Rutherglen Durif and enjoy!