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Monday – Saturday 10am – 5pm
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Closed Good Friday & Christmas Day. Private tasting & bus group by appointment.

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Springtime in the Vineyard

Over winter we have allowed an annual cover crop of vetch, clover, rye corn and radish to grow within our vine rows. This cover crop will help improve our soil structure and provide vital nutrients to our vines. Come springtime, the crop will be mulched up under the vines allowing the nutrients to break down. We will also be spreading our compost directly under the vines. This year’s compost was made onsite at Campbells using last year’s grape skins, straw and manure. There are multiple benefits of spreading compost, such as providing more nutrients for the vines, therefore improving our soils biological health, and adding beneficial humus and a large diversity of organisms.

Springtime is the magical time of year when our vines wake from winter dormancy, the sap of the vines start flowing and buds begin to swell. The start of the new growing season begins. As the temperature increases new green shoots appear and flower for the new seasons fruit.

Spring brings a large variety of work for us in the vineyard. Slashing is a priority early in spring to manage any frost risk – this year we will also install a large frost fan to help to protect our upcoming grape harvest. We start shoot thinning our younger blocks to ensure there is no overcrowding in the canopy and that we get even growth across the vines. This year we are planting a new block of Shiraz, with around 2400 vines going in the ground, which won’t be harvested until 2027 when they produce their first fruit. All the critical work we are doing in
springtime is leading us towards harvest, so it is a very exciting time of the year.

The last few seasons at Campbells we have been working on our sustainability practices and regenerative farming, with the hopes to have a sustainability certification by the end of this season.

This means we are keeping up our standards by reducing our vineyard passes in tractors thereby reducing emissions. We are also looking to increase our biodiversity areas and minimalise our waste. As an industry we are all becoming more sustainable in our practices and Rutherglen as a region is doing a great job in leading the way.